Heart Strings - 1/22/17 - (Universal) Director: Allan Holubar. Cast: Allan Holubar, Francelia Billington, Paul Byron, Maude George, Irene Hunt, Charles Cummings, Mrs. Witting, Virginia Corbin, Zoe Rae. Drama - Vamp Leonie wreaks havoc in the lives of those around her.

Jack and the Beanstalk - 7/30/17 - (Fox) Director: Chester M. Franklin and Sidney Franklin. Cast: Francis Carpenter, Virginia Lee Corbin. Jack climbs a large beanstalk to the land of the giant and rescues the fair princess Regina.

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp - 10/14/17 - (Fox ) Director: Chester M. Franklin and Sidney Franklin. Cast: Francis Carpenter, Virginia Lee Corbin, Elmo Lincoln, Gertrude Messenger, Buddy Messinger, Alfred Paget, Violet Radcliffe. Princess Badr al-Budur endures all sorts of evilness from al-Talib when she spurns his advances in favor of Aladdin, the son of a poor tailor. The Princess and Aladdin are assisted in their battle against al-Talib when they find the magic lamp.

Babes in the Woods - 12/2/17 - (Fox) Director: Chester M. Franklin and Sidney Franklin. Cast: Francis Carpenter, Virginia Lee Corbin, Violet Radcliffe, "Baby" Carmen De Rue, Violet MacMillan, Gordon Griffin, Fred Woodward, Jack Nelson. The story of Hansel and Gretel.

Treasure Island - 1/27/18 - (Fox) Director: S.A. Franklin and C.M. Franklin. Cast: Francis Carpenter, Virginia Corbin, Violet Radcliffe, Lloyd Perl, Lew Sargeant, Buddie Messinger. Stevenson's novel tailored for high adventure with the Fox Kiddies.

Six-Shooter Andy - 2/24/18 - (Fox) Director: S.A. Franklin and C.M. Franklin. Cast: Tom Mix, Bert Woodruff, Sam De Grasse, Charles Stevens, Pat Crisman, Bob Fleming, Enid Markey, Jack Plank, Ban Hammer, Georgie Stone, Lewis Sargent, Buddy Messenger, Virginia Lee Corbin, Violet Radcliffe, Beulah Burns, Ray Lee, Vivian Plank. Western - Andy Crawford and his father taken in and her eight brothers and sisters when her father is killed by a corrupt sheriff. Later, when Andy's father is also killed by the sheriff, he vows revenge.

Ace High - 6/9/18 - (Fox) Director: Lynn Reynolds. Cast: Tom Mix, Lloyd Perl, Lewis Sargent, Kathleen Connors, Virginia Lee Corbin, Lawrence Peyton, Colin Chase, Jay Morley, Pat Chrisman. Northwest drama - Annette finds a baby in the snow along side her dead mother and takes it to Baptiste Dupre and his wife where the two of them grow up. A corrupt sheriff is infatuated with her, and Jean, an officer in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, must rescue her from him.

Fan Fan - 11/17/18 - (Fox) Director: S.A. Franklin and C.M. Franklin. Cast: Virginia Lee Corbin, Francis Carpenter, Carmen De Rue, Violet Radcliffe, Bud Messinger, Joe Singleton, Gertie Messinger, Louis Sargeant. Comedy-drama - Hanki Pan and Fan Fan must elope to avoid an arranged marriage of Hanki Pan to someone he doesn't love.

Forbidden Room, The - 3/2/19 -(Fox) Director: Lynn Reynolds. Cast: Gladys Brockwell, William Scott, J. Barney Sherry, Harry Dunkinson, Al Fremont, William Burress, Tom Guise, Louis King, Robert Dunbar, Lillian West, Virginia Lee Corbin, Francis Carpenter. Drama about a girl who becomes involved with a reformer who is unpopular with the local town officials. She is unwittingly involved in a plot to discredit the man.

White Dove, The - 3/28/20 - (Jesse D. Hampton Productions, Dist. by Robertson-Cole Dist. Corp.) Director: Henry King. Cast: Claire Adams, James O. Barrows, Virginia Lee Corbin, Herbert Greenwood, Donald MacDonald, Ruth Renick, H.B. Warner. Drama - A man is disillusioned when he learns that his dead wife was unfaithful to him and goes to England leaving his father and sweetheart behind. However, when he returns, he must save his sweetheart from a scoundrel, and through a series of events, learns that all people have their faults regaining his compassion.

Enemies of Children - 12/13/23 - (Fisher Productions, Dist. by Mammoth Pictures) Director: Lillian Ducey and John M. Voshell. Cast: Anna Q. Nilsson, George Siegmann, Claire McDowell, Lucy Beaumont, Joseph J. Dowling, Raymong Hatton, Ward Crane, Charles Wellesley, Virginia Lee Corbin, Kate Price, Boyd Irwin, Eugenie Besserer, William Boyd, Mary Anderson. Melodrama in which a street waif is taken in to a wealthy home but seeks to solve the mystery of her birth.

Wine of Youth - 8/10/24 - (Metro-Goldwyn) Director: King Vidor. Cast: Eleanor Boardman, Gertrude Claire, Virginia Lee Corbin, Pauline Garon, William Haines, Zasu Pitts. Comedy-drama about three generations of Marys and their search for husbands.

Sinners in Silk - 9/1/24 - (Metro-Goldwyn) Director: Hobart Henley. Cast: Adolphe Menjou, Eleanor Boardman, Conrad Nagel, Jean Hersholt, Edward Connelly, Jerome Patrick, John Patrick, Hedda Hopper, Miss DuPont, Virginia Lee Corbin, Bradley Ward, Dorothy Dwan, Frank Elliott, Ann Luther, Peggy Elinor, Eugenia Gilbert, Mary Akin, Estelle Clark, Billy Bevan. Romantic drama - An older man goes through a rejuvenation surgery to lead a wild life with the younger set, but later renounces this new lifestyle.

City That Never Sleeps, The - 9/28/24 - (Famous Players-Lasky) Director: James Cruze. Cast: Louise Dresser, Ricardo Cortez, Kathlyn Williams, Virginia Lee Corbin, Pierre Gendron, Jim Farley, Ben Hendricks Jr., Vondell Darr. Melodrama - A lady of the Bowery, wishing a better life for her daughter, arranges for her to live in the home of a society woman. Unfortunately, when the girl grows up, although she doesn't know her mother, she frequents her mother's Bowery saloon with a crook.

Broken Laws - 11/9/24 - (Thomas H. Ince Corp.) Director: Roy William Neill. Cast: Dorothy Davenport, Percy Marmont, Ramsey Wallace, Jackie Saunders, Arthur Rankin, Virginia Lee Corbin, Pat Moore, Jane Wray. Social drama about a spoiled boy who runs, along with a flappe girlfriend, runs wild until he kills an old woman with his car.

Chorus Lady, The - 11/23/24 - (Regal, Dist. by Producers Dist. Corp.) Director: Ralph Ince. Cast: Margaret Livingston, Alan Roscoe, Virginia Lee Corbin, Lillian Elliott, Lloyd Ingraham, Philo McCullough, Eve Southern, Mervyn LeRoy. Comedy - When Dan and Patricia's wedding is postponed, she returns to New York and finds work in the follies. When Dan comes to tell her about the fortune he ha won, he mistakenly thinks she has been carrying on an affair with gambler.

Three Keys, The - 1/1/25 - (Banner Productions) Director: Edward J. Le Saint. Cast: Gaston Glass, Miss Dupont, Virginia Lee Corbin, Charles Clary, Jack Mulhall, Stuart Holmes, Edith Roberts, Joseph Girard. Society melodrama - A young man loans the father of his sweetheart $100,000 after a run of bad luck in the market but must steal/borrow the money from a friend since he has squandered his fortune.

Cloud Rider, The - 2/15/25 - (Van Pelt-Wilson, Dist. by FBO) Director: Bruce M. Mitchell. Cast: Al Wilson, Virginia Lee Corbin, Harry von Meter, Helen Ferguson, Frank Rice, Melbourne MacDowell, Brinsley Shaw, Frank Tomick, Boyd Monteith, Frank Clark. Melodrama - An aviator, who is also a Secret Service agent, must bring a drug lord, who uses his fleet of planes to smuggle drugs, to justice.

Lillies of the Streets - 5/3/25 - (Belban Productions, Dist. by FBO) Director: Joseph Levering. Cast: Virginia Lee Corbin, Wheeler Oakman, Peggy Kelly, Johnnie Walker, Irma Harrison, Mary E. Hamilton, Elizabeth J. Monroe. Melodrama - A young flapper gets involved with a crook who, unjustifiably, gets her charged with prostitution and then uses the information to blackmail her mother.

Headlines - 7/16/25 - (St. Regis Productions, Dist. by Associated Exhibitors) Director: Edward H. Griffith. Cast: Alice Joyce, Malcolm McGregor, Virginia Lee Corbin, Harry T. Morey, Ruby Blaine, Elliott Nugent. Melodrama - A feature writer on a newspaper hides the fact that she has an 18-year old daughter. The young flapper poses as her mother's sister and falls in love with two men, one of whom is her mother's sweetheart.

Handsome Brute, The - 12/1/25 - (Columbia) Director: Robert Eddy. Cast: William Fairbanks, Virginia Lee Corbin, Lee Shumway, Robert Bolder, J.J. Bryson, Daniel Belmont. Melodrama about a man who, through bad luck, loses his job on the police force but, on his own, brings a gang to justice.

North Star - 12/27/25 - (Howard Estabrook Productions, Dist. by Associated Exhibitors) Director: Paul Powell. Cast: Virginia Lee Corbin, Stuart Holmes, Ken Maynard, Harold Austin, Clark Gable, William Riley, Syd Crossley, Jerry Mandy, Martin Faust, J.C. Fowler. Melodrama about a man who runs off to the Northwest after he mistakenly believes he has killed another man in a fight, and his sister sets out to find him.

Hands Up! - 1/11/26 - (Paramount) Director: Clarence Badger. Cast: Raymond Griffith, Virginia Lee Corbin, Marian Nixon, George Billings, Charles K. French, Mack Swain, Montagu Love, Noble Johnson. Civil War comedy with Griffith as a Union spy and Corbin and Nixon as southern sisters who are in love with him.

Whole Town's Talking, The - 8/14/26 or 12/26/26 - (Universal) Director: Edward Laemmle. Cast: Dolores Del Rio, Edward Everett Horton, Virginia Lee Corbin, Trixie Friganza, Otis Harlan, Robert Ober, Hayden Stevenson, Margaret Quimby, August Tollaire, Mathilde Comont. Farce - A wounded war veteran returns home mistakenly believing he has a steel plate in his head and must avoid all excitement. Just when a would-be girlfriend makes up a story about him being involved a famous movie star during the war, the movie star and her husband arrive in town.

Honeymoon Express, The - 9/2/26 - (Warner Bros.) Director: James Flood. Cast: Willard Louis, Irene Rich, Holmes Herbert, Helen Costello, John Patrick, Jane Winton, Virginia Lee Corbin, Harold Goodwin, Robert Brower. Domestic drama - A mother and youngest daughter leave home when wealth turns the husband, son and eldest daughter to decadence.

Ladies at Play - 11/15/26 - (First National) Director: Alfred E. Green. Cast: Doris Kenyon, Lloyd Hughes, Louise Fazenda, Ethel Wales, Hallam Cooley, John Patrick, Virginia Lee Corbin, Philo McCullough, Tom Ricketts. Bedroom farce - Ann must be married within three days to inherit a fortune, and she and her cousin, Betty, plan to get Ann "compromised" in order to force the consent of their disgruntled spinters aunts to marry.

Perfect Sap, The - 1/16/27 or 1/23/27 - (Ray Rockett Productions, Dist. by First National) Director: Howard Higgin. Cast: Ben Lyon, Virginia Lee Corbin, Lloyd Whitlock, Diana Kane, Byron Douglas, Christine Compton, Charles Craig, Sam Hardy, Tammany Young, Helen Rowland. Comedy-mystery - Would-be detective gets involved with crooks and a female newspaper reporter, but brings the crooks to justice.

Driven From Home - 1/15/27 - (Chadwick) Director: James Young. Cast: Ray Hallor, Virginia Lee Corbin, Pauline Garon, Sojin, Anna May Wong, Melbourne MacDowell, Margaret Seddon, Sheldon Lewis, Virginia Pearson, Eric Mayne, Alfred Fisher. Drama - a poor little girl is turned out by her irate papa when she marries a poor secretary.

Play Safe - 1/30/27 - (Monty Banks Enterprise, Dist. by Pathé) Director: Joseph Henaberry. Cast: Monty Banks, Virginia Lee Corbin, Charles Hill Mailes, Charles K. Gerard, Bud Jamison, Rosa Gore, Syd Crossley, Max Asher, Frank Alexander. Comedy-melodrama - Virginia is the sole heir to the Craig estate, but refuses to marry the man her unscrupulous trustee has chosen for her. She loves Monty, but the trustee engages his ruffians to break up the relationship.

No Place To Go - 10/30/27 - (Henry Hobart Productions, Dist. by First National) Director: Mervyn LeRoy. Cast: Mary Astor, Lloyd Hughes, Hallam Cooley, Myrtle Stedman, Virgnia Lee Corbin, Jed Prouty, Russ Powell. Romantic comedy - Sally is in love with a bank clerk, but longs for exotic romance which she hopes to find when they go on a South Seas cruise.

Bare Knees - 1/1/28 - (Gotham, Dist. by Lumas Film Corp.) Director: Erle C. Kenton. Cast: Virginia Lee Corbin, Donald Keith, Jane Winton, Johnnie Walker, Forrest Stanley, Maude Fulton. Comedy-drama about supposedly straight-laced big sister who cheats on her husband and little sister, the flapper, must save her from making a terrible mistake.

Little Snob, The - 1/11/28 - (Warner Bros.) Director: John G. Adolfi. Cast: May McAvoy, Robert Frazer, Alec B. Francis, Virginia Lee Corbin, Frances Lee, John Miljan. In this comedy-drama, a Coney Island concession operator sends his daughter to a finishing school, and she returns a snob.

Head of the Family, The - 11/8/28 - (Gotham, Dist. by Lumas Film Corp.) Director: Joseph C. Boyle. Cast: William Russell, Mickey Bennett, Virginia Lee Corbin, Richard Walling, Alma Bennett, William Welsh, Aggie Herring. Comedy of a henpecked husband who puts his spoiled family in the charge of a plumber while he goes away for a health cure.

Jazzland - 21/1/28 - (A. Carlos, Dist. by Quality Dist. Corp.) Director: Dallas M. Fitzgerald. Cast: Bryant Washburn, Vera Reynolds, Carroll Nye, Forrest Stanley, Virginia Lee Corbin, Violet Bird, Carl Stockdale, Edward Cecil, George Ralph, Nicholas Caruso, Florence Turner, Richard Belfield. Drama about a small New England town fighting the invasion of a nightclub, The Jazzland.

Footlights and Fools - 11/4/29 - (First National) Director: William A. Seiter. Cast: Colleen Moore, Andy Rice Jr., Larry Banthim, Mickey Bennett, Virginia Lee Corbin, Adrienne D'Ambricourt, Raymond Hackett, Ben Hendricks Jr., Fred Howard, Sydney Jarvis, Fredric March, Edward Martindel, Cleve Moore. (First sound film for Corbin) Society melodrama about a musical star in love with a gambling youth who gets in trouble with the law.

Morals for Women - 1931 -(Tiffany) Director: Mort Blumenstock. Cast: Lina Basquette, Edmund Breese, June Clyde, Virginia Lee Corbin, Emma Dunn, John Holland, Bessie Love, Natalie Moorhead, David Rollins, Conway Tearle.

Shotgun Pass - 1931 ­ (Columbia) Director: J.P. McGowan. Cast: Tim McCoy, Virginia Lee Corbin, Frank Rice, Monty Vandergrift, Dick Stewart, Ben Corbett, Harry Todd, Jim Corey, Frank Ellis, Texas Joe Marba. Standard shoot-em up with McCoy trying to save Virginia's brother from involvement with the bad guys.

Forgotten Women - 1931 -(Monogram) Director: Richard Thorpe. Cast: William Beaudine, Rex Bell, Jack Carlyle, Virginia Lee Corbin, Thomas A. Curran, Edward Earle, Carmelita Geraghty, Eddie Kane, Beryl Mercer, Edna Murphy, Marion Shilling, Lilyan Tashman.

X Marks the Spot - 1931 - (Tiffany) Director: Erle C. Kenton. Cast: Sally Blane, Joyce Coad, Lew Cody, Virginia Lee Corbin, Wallace Ford, Fred Kohler, Mary Nolan, Helen Parrish.

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