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March 2015

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The 1921-23 French serial "The House of Mystery" from Flicker Alley

"The Belle of Broadway" (1926) from Warner Archives - plus more!!

NEW!! "The Pioneers of Movie Music" - a new CD from The Paragon Ragtime Orchestra

NEW!! "The Music of J.S. Zamecnik: The Sounds of the Silents" by Daniel Goldmark

(this article accompanies a new CD release of Zamecnik's music)

NEW!! "The Awakening Heart - Chaplin's 'The Vagabond'"

by Mark Pruett

 "Desperately Seeking Marie Prevost"

by Richard Kirby

Rod La Rocque - Jeanette Loff - Tom Kennedy

Rod La Rocque and Jeanette Loff in "Hold 'Em Yale" (1928)

Rod La Rocque and Jetta Goudal in "The Coming of Amos" (1925)

Rod La Rocque and Mildred Harris in "The Cruise of the Jasper B" (1927)

One of several silent features offered by the National Film Preservation Foundation

on their "Lost and Found: New Zealand" web page.





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