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This alphabetical listing provides the film title, year of release, one major star in the production, and one or more sources from which to purchase the film. NOTE: These films are not sold by "Silents Are Golden." You must contact one of the distributors listed beside the title. Keep in mind that there may be other sources for silent movies on DVD, and listing of a film or distributor does not imply endorsement. Every attempt is made to keep this list current; however, it is possible a distributor may no longer carry a film. Check with the distributor for availability.

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New Silent Film Releases



UNDERGROUND (1928 - 94 min.) is a superb Blu-Ray/DVD combo release and a worthy follow-up to Anthony Asquith's first production SHOOTING STARS (1928). This one also stars Brian Aherne but this time with the lovely Elissa Landi. A beautiful love story set in the everyday world of the London Underground - "a story of ordinary workaday people whose names are just Nell, Bill, Kate and Bert" - but Bill and Nell's love affair is disrupted by the evil doings of Bert, who wants Nell for himself. Further complicating matters is Kate's love for Bert - and she'll do anything he asks her as a part of his evil plans. An absolutely beautiful print made all the more appealing by Asquith's direction and attention to cinematography - "the 26-year old's direction is assured, efficient and spare with some remarkably cinematic flourishes, clearly inspired by contemporary German and Russian filmmaking but with a few tricks of his own, climaxing in a thrilling chase scene across the rooftops of the Lots Road power station." An excellent score by Neil Brand in 5.1 or 2.0 and an additional score by Chris Watson.


THE LOST WORLD (1925 - 110 min.) - Now a deluxe Blu-Ray release of this classic Sir Arthur Conan Doyl story with Willis O'Brien special effects. This is the most complete version of the film to date in a stunning 2K restoration. Starring Wallace Beery, Bessie Love and Lloyd Hughes, the Blu-Ray features a new, full orchestra score composed by Robert Israel.


VARIETE (1925 - 95 min.) starring Emil Jannings and Lya De Putti, and directed by Edward Andre Dupont. Former trapeze artist "Boss" Huller leaves his wife and child to go to Berlin with the younger seductive Berta-Marie.They form a trio with another trapeze artists until Huller finds out Berta-Marie is cheating on him. Now available in a newly-restored 2K DCP version. Music is by the Tiger Lilies.


BEGGARS OF LIFE (1928 - 81 min.) starring Louise Brooks, Wallace Beery and Richard Arlen. A brand new restoration of one of the grittiest dramas from the silent era with absolutely superb performances by Brooks, Beery and Arlen. Written by Jim Tully, who had been a real life hobo, this story of a girl who escapes a violent stepfather and runs away with a drifter is intense and suspenseful. Features a new original score by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra.


ZAZA (1923 - 84 min.) directed by Allan Dwan, Gloria Swanson is all flounce and swagger as Zaza, the street gamine turned music hall star, strutting her stuff, tossing off quips and taunts with her irrepressible backside. Swanson called this film "the fastest, easiest, most enjoyable picture I ever made." Includes a piano score performed by Jeff Rapsis adapted from the original 1923 cue sheet.


Now on Blu-Ray!

THE VIRGINIAN (1923 - 79 min.) starring Kenneth Harlan, Florence Vidor, Russell Simpson (who makes a very good bad guy) and Raymond Hatton. The classic western (previously made by William Farnum in the 'teens) is done in style with great performances by all of the stars. This is a very good upgrade from a new print acquired by Grapevine. Organ score by David Knudtson.

THE NEW SCHOOL TEACHER (1924 - 59 min.) directed by Gregroy La Cava, it stars Charles 'Chic" Sale, Doris Kenyon, Mickey Bennett and Russell Griffin. It seems Professor Timmons might be ill-prepared to handle the rigors of his new job as a school teacher. And it's not just the mischievous students, but also lively Diana who figures the professor is just the man to make her hot-headed fiance jealous.


New from The Sprocket Vault - the 1928 10-chapter serial, THE MYSTERIOUS AIRMAN (200 min.), starring Walter Miller and Eudenia Gilbert. An action-packed serial remastered in hi-definition from the only surviving 35mm tinted print. Written by the famed mystery novelist Arthur B. Reeve.


EARLY WOMEN FILMMAKERS (1902-1943 - 652 min. - The long-awaited compilation of rare and significant films from some of the greatest women filmmakers. Ten hours of material with 25 films, some unavailable until now. Directors include Alice Guy Blache, Lois Weber, Mabel Normand, Madeline brandeis, germain Dulac, Olga Preobrazhenskaia, Marie-Louise Iribe, Lotte Reiniger, Claire Parker, Mrs. Wallce Reid, Leni riefenstahl, Mary ellen Bute, Dorothy Arzner and Maya Deren. Blu-Ray/DVD Dual forma, Region A/Region 1. Release date: May 9, 2017. Click HERE for a complete list of films.


Two previous releases now on Blu-Ray!

PATHS TO PARADISE (1925 - 65 min.) the well-known classic comedy starring Raymond Griffith and Betty Compson. Organ score by David Knudtson.

CASEY AT THE BAT (1927 - 69 min.) The classic poem brought to life as a comedy starring Wallace Beery, Ford Sterling, Zasu Pitts, Sterling Holloway and Spec O'Donnell.


MISS LULU BETT (1921 - 70 min.) with Lois Wilson and Milton Sills. Available in Blu-Ray and DVD. Organ score by David Knudtson.

THE COWBOY AND THE FLAPPER (1924 - 51 min.) Starring William Fairbanks and Dorothy Revier. Marshall Dan Patterson impersonates a known bank robber to infiltrate the criminal gang, but the gang takes Alice Allison prisoner. Available in Blu-Ray and DVD. Music score by David Knudtson.

THE THRILL SEEKERS (1927 - 49 min.) starring James F. Fulton, Ruth Clifford and Robert McKim. Gerald Kenworth has been left his father's fortune and seeks thrills in the city, but finds himself coming to the aid of Andrea Wainwright in a speakeasy. Available in Blu-Ray and DVD. Music score by Jack Hardy.

THE STREET (1927 - 74 min.) Starring Eugen Klopfer, Anton Edthofer, and Max Schreck. A middle aged man is lured from his drab home life to the glamor and adventures of "The Streets." This is the 1927 USA release of director Karl Grune's expressionistic film, German title: "Die Strasse" (1923). Music score by Louis McMahon.


EAST IS EAST (1916 - 71 min.) With Florence Turner, Henry Edwards and Ruth Mackay. Grapevine's second Blu-Ray release. Organ score by David Knudtson.

THE GRAND DUCHESS AND THE WAITER (1926 - 54 min.) Starring Adolphe Menjour and Florence Vidor. A superb comedy/romance. Smitten with the beautiful Grand Duchess who is visitng the city, the only way playboy Albert Belfort can get in to see her is by posing to be a waiter. Music score by David Knudtson.

PAL 'O MINE (1924 - 60 min.) starring Irene Rich, this is the story of an opera star's sudden success putting a strain on her marriage. Music score by David Knudtson.

WILD HORSE MESA (1925 - 94 min.) Now in Blu-Ray, Grapevine is now offering a new digital transfer from a higher quality print. Starring Jack Holt, Noah Beery, Billie Dove and Douglas Fairbanks Jr., this is a rousing "A" western. Music score by Louis McMahon.


WHEN COMEDY WAS KING (1961-81 min.) - The classic Robert Youngson follow-up to THE GOLDEN AGE OF COMEDY has been newly restored from the original negative by Kit Parker Films. Includes commentary by film historian Richard M. Roberts and three rare comedy shorts. (Click here for more information on the restoration.)


BEHIND THE DOOR (1919-70 min. - Blu-Ray/DVD Dual Format) - Starring Hobart Bosworth, Jane Novak and Wallace Beery. Kevin Brownlow called it "the most outspoken of all the vengeance films" for Bosworth's portrayal of a persecuted man out for vengeance against a German submarine commander - as Flicker Alley puts it, which "leads to the film's shocking and brutal climax." Original score by Stephen Horne. Includes the Russian version of "Behind the Door," outtakes from the movie, a behind the scenes look at the restoration, "Kevin Brownlow Spotlights Irvin Willat" (the film's director), a slideshow gallery of stills and promotional material, and a souvenir booklet. Release date: April 4, 2017.


GRAPEVINE'S FIRST BLU-RAY RELEASE!! THE PHANTOM HONEYMOON (1919 - 62 min.) With Margaret Marsh, Vernon Steel, Hal Clarendon and Harry Guy Carleton. Presented with a music score by David Knudtson. Also available in regular DVD format.

THE MYSTERY OF THE EIFFEL TOWER (1927 - 130 min.) Starring Felicien Tramel, Regine Bouet, Gaston Jacquet and Jimmy Gaillard. This comedy adventure was directed by renowned French director Julien Duvivier. Music score by David Knudtson.

THE LAST WARNING (1929 - 77 min.) Another scary mystery a la "The Cat and the Canary" from director Paul Leni, with a stellar cast including Laura La Plante, Montagu Love, John Boles, Margaret Livingston, Roy D'Arcy, Burr McIntosh, Slim Summerville, Mack Swain and Bert Roach. Music score by David Knudtson.


CHILDREN OF DIVORCE (1927-71 min.) - Clara Bow and Gary Cooper star in this long-awaited silent film available on Blu-Ray/DVD Dual Format (NTSC, All Region A,B,C/0). Directed by Frank Lloyd and Josef von Sternberg (uncredited). Sourced from the original nitrate negative in the LIbrary of Congress, as well as their 1969 fine grain master, this restoration was scanned in 4K resolution and represents over 200 hours of laboratory work by the Library of Congress. Bonus materials include "Clara Bow: Discovering the It Girl" which is narrated by Courtney Love, and a Souvenir Booklet with photos, an essay by Clara Bow biographer David Stenn, notes on the production and more. Includes an original score by the Mont Alto Orchestra. Release date: December 6, 2016.


SHIELD OF HONOR (1927 - 58 min.) With Neil Hamilton, Ralph Lewis and Dorothy Gulliver. Presented with a music score by David Knudtson.

CLEOPATRA (1912 - 66 min.) Starring Helen Gardner, Pearl Sindelar, Charles Sindelar and Harry Knowles. Gardner was a well-known stage star who also served as costume designer for this film. Music score by David Knudtson.

LUPINO LANE COMEDY SHORTS (1925-29 - 100 min.) Five shorts from the underrated and acrobatic comedian. "Maid in Morocco," "Movie Land," "Naughty Boy," "Fandango," and "Battling Sisters." Music score by David Knudtson.


OLD HEIDELBERG (1915 - 50 min.) Made 12 years before MGM's "A Student Prince in Old Heidelberg" with Norma Shearer and Ramon Novarro, this version has two of the silent era's biggest stars with Wallace Reid and Dorothy Gish. Also stars Erich Von Stroheim. Presented with a music score by David Knudtson.

THE WIZARD OF OZ (1925 - 68 min.) Another silent feature made 14 years before it's most well-known version in 1939, it would be unfair to call MGM's later version a "remake" since Semon's version is considerably different. It's typical Larry Semon slapstick, though, and costars the lovely Dorothy Dwan with support from the venerable Oliver Hardy. Music score by David Knudtson.

HIS LUCKY DAY (1929 - 60 min.) Reginal Denny's silent comedies have not gotten their due respect - take a look at "Skinner's Dress Suit" or Grapevine's earlier release of "Oh, Doctor!", and you'll agree he made some of the best comedies of the silent era. Comes with a new music score by David Knudtson.


3 BAD MEN (1926 - 92 min.) was included in the FORD AT FOX set released a few years ago, but Kino has brought this excellent western to Blu-Ray. The film stars Olive Borden and George O'Brien withTom Santschi, J. Farrell MacDonald and Frank Campeau as the likeable "3 Bad Men," however, acting honors go to Lou Tellegen who does superb job as the villain in this picture. A John Ford classic! Available August 23rd.


THE CAPTIVE (1915 - 50 min.), a lost Cecil B. DeMille film from 1915 starring Blanche Sweet and House Peters. Discovered in the Paramount Pictures vaults, this drama has been restored and features a newly composed score. Set during the Balkan Wars, Sweet portrays a young woman who must care for the family farm. However, when her brother dies, she finds the tasks of the farm insurmountable, yet help comes in the form of a captured Turk nobleman with whom she soon falls in love. The film is available in both DVD and Blu-Ray.


THE MOTHER AND THE LAW (1919 - 94 min.). D.W. Griffith took the best segment from INTOLERANCE (1917) and turned it into a powerful feature. Starring Bobby Harron and Mae Marsh, this is Griffith at his dramatic best. Presented with a music score by David Knudtson.

PATHS TO PARADISE (1925 - 65 min.) Raymond Griffith's most famous comedy that stands as one of the best from the silent era. Full of surprises and hilarious situtations, this comedy also presents Betty Compson as a perfect complement to Griffith. The final reel of this film is lost, but you probably wouldn't know if if someone didn't tell you - the final sequence seems to be a very logical place to stop. A print of this was offered several years ago on VHS by Videobrary, but Grapevine's version is 7 minutes longer - hopefully that's accomplished with extra footage and not a difference in film speed. Music score by David Knudtson.

WE'RE IN THE NAVY NOW (1926 - 58 min.) A follow-up to their big hit BEHIND THE FRONT (1926), producers realized they had a great comedy teaming with Raymond Hatton and Wallace Beery. Another laugh out loud silent era comedy with a new music score by David Knudtson.


THE DAUGHTER OF DAWN (1921 - 84 min.) This rediscovered 1920 film was shot in Oklahoma entirely with members of the Comanche and Kiowa tribes and restored by the Oklahoma Historical Society. A special score is performed by the Oklahoma City University Orchestra. This is a new 2K restoriation of an archival 35mm print.


PIONEERS OF AFRICAN AMERICAN CINEMA (1918-1946 - 952 min.) Digitally remastered in HD using archival elements, this 5 disc Blu-Ray collection includes 12 full features and loads of extras.


THE HOPE DIAMOND MYSTERY (1921) with Boris Karloff, Grace Darmond (who gets star billing in this one), George Chesebro, Harry Carter, William Marion and Carmen Phillisp. This is the complete 15-chapter serial that The Serial Squadron has restored from the original 35mm negative (3 reels) and a B/W printdown from the 35mm original. Black and white with color tints and effects and a new musical score.


DADDIES (1924 - 53 min.) - starring Mae Marsh, Harry Myers and Claude Gillingwater. Presented with a music score by David Knudtson.

OTHELLO (1922 - 75 min.) - starring Emil Jannings, Werner Krauss, Ica von Lenkeffy and Lya De Putti. Music score by David Knudtson.

CHIP OF THE FLYING U (1926 - 70 min.) - starring Hoot Gibson, Virginia Brown Faire and Philo McClulogh. Music score by David Knudtson.


SHOOTING STARS (1928 - 101 min.) is a superb Blu-Ray/DVD combo release with slick 37-booklet and lost of extras (over 45 minutes). The highly regarded debut of producer/director Anthony Asquith stars Annette Benson, Brian Aherne and Donald Calthrop. According to the BFI website, "'Shooting Stars' is a must for any silent cinema fan. Offering a rare insight into the workings of a 1920s film studio, there are location scenes, comic stunts and an on-set jazz band which demonstrate just what life was like in the early days of cinema."


THE MOLLYCODDLE (1920 - 82 min.) starring Douglas Fairbanks, Ruth Renick and Wallace Beery. Presented with a music score by David Knudtson.

WAY DOWN EAST (1920 - 105 min.) D.W. Griffith's classic starring Lillian Gish, Richard Barthelmess, Lowell Sherman and Burr McIntosh. This DVD has the original synchronized 1931 re-release score.

ANOTHER MAN'S BOOTS (1922 - 60 min.) starring Francis Ford and Elvira Weil Music score by David Knudtson.

CORPORAL KATE (1926 - 81 min.) starring Vera Reynolds, Kenneth Thomson and Julia Faye. Music score by David Knudtson.


JUST PALS (1920 - 58 min.) This is director John Ford's first westner starring Buck Jones, Helen Ferguson and Georgie Stone. Presented with a music score by David Knudtson.

AMERICAN PLUCK (1925 - 58 min.) starring George Walsh and Wanda Hawley. Music Score by David Knudtson.

SILKS AND SADDLES (1929 - 60 min.) starring Richard Walling and Marian Nixon. Music score by David Knudtson.

MASTER OF THE HOUSE (1925 - 94 min.) from director Carl Theodor Dreyer starring Johannes Meyer, Astrid Holm, Karin Nellemos, and Mathilde Nielsen. Music score by David Knudtson.


THE UNDESIRABLE (1914) was recently discovered in the basement of the Hungarian House cultural center in New York and returned to Hungary where it underwent an eight-month restoration and digitization process completed by the Hungarian Filmlab. This is renowned director Michael Curtiz's ("Captain Blood" - 1935, "The Charge of the Light Brigade" - 1936, "The Adventures of Robin Hood" - 1938, "Angels With Dirty Faces" - 1938, "Casablanca" - 1942, "Mildred Pierce" - 1945 and more!) first directorial effort. The picture quality is superb, and it features a newly commissioned score by Attilla Pacsay and performed by the Pannonia Symphony Orchestra. It stars Lili Berky, Victor Varconi and Mari Jaszai. The film is available in both DVD and Blu-Ray.


The Criterion Collection will release Charlie Chaplin's THE KID (1921) on Blu-Ray and DVD February 16, 2016. This release features a new 4K digital restoration of Chaplin's 1972 re-release featuring an original score by Chaplin with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on Blu-Ray. The release also features:
- A new audio commentary featuring Chaplin historian Charles Maland.
- "Jackie Coogan: The First Child Star," a new video essay by Chaplin historian Lisa Haven.
- "A Study in Undercranking," a new program featuring silent film specialist Ben Model.
- Interviews with Coogan and Lita Grey Chaplin.
- Excerpted audio interviews with cinematographer Rollie Totheroh and film distributor Mo Rothman.
- Deleted scenes and titles from the original 1921 version of "The Kid."
- "Charlie on the Ocean," a 1921 newsreel documenting Chaplin's first return trip to Europe.
- Footage of Chaplin conducting his score for "The Kid."
- "Nice and Friendly," a 1922 silent short featuring Chaplin and Coogan presented with a new score by Timothy Brock.
- Trailers
- An essay by film scholar Tom Gunning.


THE LAMB (1915 - 56 min.) starring Douglas Fairbanks and Seena Owen. Presented with a music score by David Knudtson.

LUCK (1923 - 65 min.) starring Johnny Hines, Robert Edeson, Violet Mersereau, Charlie Murray, Flora Finch and Polly Moran. Music Score by David Knudtson.

THE SHOCK PUNCH (1925 - 68 min.) starring Richard Dix, Frances Howard, Walter Long and Paul Panzer. Music score by David Knudtson.


LET'S GO (1923 - 64 min.) starring Richard Talmadge, Eileen Percy and George Nichols. Presented with a music score by David Knudtson.

CHRISTINE OF THE BIG TOPS (1926 - 55 min.) starring Pauline Garon, Cullen Landis, Otto Matieson and Robert Graves. Music Score by David Knudtson.

THE OLD OREGON TRAIL (1928 - 40 min.) starring Art Mix, Dolores Booth and Art Seale. Includes the Christie Comedy short "Hot Scotch" (1928 - 10 min.) starring Jack Duffy, Neal Burns and Eddie Barry. Music score by David Knudtson.


THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (1925) starring Lon Chaney in Blu-Ray and DVD editions. Includes the 1929 re-release version with orchestral music score by Gabriel Thibaudeau, the historic Gaylord Carter organ score, and with a new music score by The Alloy Orchestra. The original 1925 version is presented with a piano music score by Frederick Hodges. Also included are excerpts from the 1930 sound rerelease of the film that have the soundtrack from the surviving Vitaphone discs.

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