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Alphabetical Listing of Films Available on Video/DVD

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(See "Silent Video Sources" below for dealers selling these videos and DVD's)

This alphabetical listing provides the film title, year of release, one major star in the production, and one or more sources from which to purchase the film. NOTE: These films are not sold by "Silents Are Golden." You must contact one of the distributors listed beside the title. Keep in mind that there may be other sources for the film, and listing of a film or distributor does not imply endorsement. Every attempt is made to keep this list current; however, it is possible a distributor may no longer carry a film. Check with the distributor for availability.

Silent Video Sources

A listing of names, mailing addresses, phone numbers, web site addresses and e-mail addresses of the silent movie distributors referred to in the above listing.


Recommended Past Releases


3 RARE UNIVERSAL FEATURES FROM 1915-16: LON CHANEY: BEFORE THE THOUSAND FACES, a unique DVD from Undercrank Productions, includes two shorts and one four-reeler from the mid-teens and Chaney's early days. They are A MOTHER'S ATONEMENT (1915-20 min.), IF MY COUNTRY SHOULD CALL (1916 - 24 min.), and THE PLACE BEYOND THE WINDS (1916 - 39 min.). The films are produced for video, restored and scored by Jon Mirsalis.


UNDERGROUND (1928 - 94 min.) is a superb Blu-Ray/DVD combo release and a worthy follow-up to Anthony Asquith's first production SHOOTING STARS (1928). This one also stars Brian Aherne but this time with the lovely Elissa Landi. A beautiful love story set in the everyday world of the London Underground - "a story of ordinary workaday people whose names are just Nell, Bill, Kate and Bert" - but Bill and Nell's love affair is disrupted by the evil doings of Bert, who wants Nell for himself. Further complicating matters is Kate's love for Bert - and she'll do anything he asks her as a part of his evil plans. An absolutely beautiful print made all the more appealing by Asquith's direction and attention to cinematography - "the 26-year old's direction is assured, efficient and spare with some remarkably cinematic flourishes, clearly inspired by contemporary German and Russian filmmaking but with a few tricks of his own, climaxing in a thrilling chase scene across the rooftops of the Lots Road power station." An excellent score by Neil Brand in 5.1 or 2.0 and an additional score by Chris Watson.


THE LOST WORLD (1925 - 110 min.) - Now a deluxe Blu-Ray release of this classic Sir Arthur Conan Doyl story with Willis O'Brien special effects. This is the most complete version of the film to date in a stunning 2K restoration. Starring Wallace Beery, Bessie Love and Lloyd Hughes, the Blu-Ray features a new, full orchestra score composed by Robert Israel.


VARIETE (1925 - 95 min.) starring Emil Jannings and Lya De Putti, and directed by Edward Andre Dupont. Former trapeze artist "Boss" Huller leaves his wife and child to go to Berlin with the younger seductive Berta-Marie.They form a trio with another trapeze artists until Huller finds out Berta-Marie is cheating on him. Now available in a newly-restored 2K DCP version. Music is by the Tiger Lilies


BEGGARS OF LIFE (1928 - 81 min.) starring Louise Brooks, Wallace Beery and Richard Arlen. A brand new restoration of one of the grittiest dramas from the silent era with absolutely superb performances by Brooks, Beery and Arlen. Written by Jim Tully, who had been a real life hobo, this story of a girl who escapes a violent stepfather and runs away with a drifter is intense and suspenseful. Features a new original score by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra.


ZAZA (1923 - 84 min.) directed by Allan Dwan, Gloria Swanson is all flounce and swagger as Zaza, the street gamine turned music hall star, strutting her stuff, tossing off quips and taunts with her irrepressible backside. Swanson called this film "the fastest, easiest, most enjoyable picture I ever made." Includes a piano score performed by Jeff Rapsis adapted from the original 1923 cue sheet.


Now on Blu-Ray!

THE VIRGINIAN (1923 - 79 min.) starring Kenneth Harlan, Florence Vidor, Russell Simpson (who makes a very good bad guy) and Raymond Hatton. The classic western (previously made by William Farnum in the 'teens) is done in style with great performances by all of the stars. This is a very good upgrade from a new print acquired by Grapevine. Organ score by David Knudtson.
(1924 - 59 min.) directed by Gregroy La Cava, it stars Charles 'Chic" Sale, Doris Kenyon, Mickey Bennett and Russell Griffin. It seems Professor Timmons might be ill-prepared to handle the rigors of his new job as a school teacher. And it's not just the mischievous students, but also lively Diana who figures the professor is just the man to make her hot-headed fiance jealous.


New from The Sprocket Vault - the 1928 10-chapter serial, THE MYSTERIOUS AIRMAN (200 min.), starring Walter Miller and Eudenia Gilbert. An action-packed serial remastered in hi-definition from the only surviving 35mm tinted print. Written by the famed mystery novelist Arthur B. Reeve.


EARLY WOMEN FILMMAKERS (1902-1943 - 652 min. - The long-awaited compilation of rare and significant films from some of the greatest women filmmakers. Ten hours of material with 25 films, some unavailable until now. Directors include Alice Guy Blache, Lois Weber, Mabel Normand, Madeline brandeis, germain Dulac, Olga Preobrazhenskaia, Marie-Louise Iribe, Lotte Reiniger, Claire Parker, Mrs. Wallce Reid, Leni riefenstahl, Mary ellen Bute, Dorothy Arzner and Maya Deren. Blu-Ray/DVD Dual forma, Region A/Region 1. Release date: May 9, 2017. Click HERE for a complete list of films.


BEHIND THE DOOR (1919-70 min. - Blu-Ray/DVD Dual Format) - Starring Hobart Bosworth, Jane Novak and Wallace Beery. Kevin Brownlow called it "the most outspoken of all the vengeance films" for Bosworth's portrayal of a persecuted man out for vengeance against a German submarine commander - as Flicker Alley puts it, which "leads to the film's shocking and brutal climax." Original score by Stephen Horne. Includes the Russian version of "Behind the Door," outtakes from the movie, a behind the scenes look at the restoration, "Kevin Brownlow Spotlights Irvin Willat" (the film's director), a slideshow gallery of stills and promotional material, and a souvenir booklet. Release date: April 4, 2017.


WHEN COMEDY WAS KING (1961-81 min.) - The classic Robert Youngson follow-up to THE GOLDEN AGE OF COMEDY has been newly restored from the original negative by Kit Parker Films. Includes commentary by film historian Richard M. Roberts and three rare comedy shorts. (Click here for more information on the restoration.)


CHILDREN OF DIVORCE (1927-71 min.) - Clara Bow and Gary Cooper star in this long-awaited silent film available on Blu-Ray/DVD Dual Format (NTSC, All Region A,B,C/0). Directed by Frank Lloyd and Josef von Sternberg (uncredited). Sourced from the original nitrate negative in the LIbrary of Congress, as well as their 1969 fine grain master, this restoration was scanned in 4K resolution and represents over 200 hours of laboratory work by the Library of Congress. Bonus materials include "Clara Bow: Discovering the It Girl" which is narrated by Courtney Love, and a Souvenir Booklet with photos, an essay by Clara Bow biographer David Stenn, notes on the production and more. Includes an original score by the Mont Alto Orchestra. Release date: December 6, 2016.

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