Starring Lillian Gish, Lars Hanson and Montague Love
November 1927

Out where men are men and weather is weather. Where life is a constant battle against wind and sand. That's the background for Lillian Gish's newest emotionalism.

Miss Gish plays a little orphan Virginia girl who is taken into a cousin's home. To escape the distrust and hatred of the cousin's wife, she enters into a loveless marriage with a rough young rancher. Does she come to love her diamond in the rough? Of course, but not until she kills a scoundrelly cattle buyer who attempts to attack her.

As the lonely, distraught girl, Miss Gish gives a fine emotional performance, reaching genuine histrionic heights. Lars Hanson, as the rancher husband, displays an excellent sense of repression and wins your sympathy. It is Montague Love who supplies the convincing menace.

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