"Wine of Youth" (1924)
Starring Eleanor Boardman, James Morrison, Johnnie Walker, Zasu Pitts, Creighton Hale, Ben Lyon, William Haines, William Collier Jr., Pauline Garon, Robert Agnew and Virginia Lee Corbin
August 9, 1924

All the adjectives signifying "flaming," "passionate," "hectic," "reckless," having long since been used up on the box office, no other kind of youth is left to name this picture with but "Wine of Youth." It is, of course, the younger generation misbehaving again and deciding, as usual, in the last reel, that good old-fashioned ways are the best after all. Selah!

However, it's a picture that will go big in the box office, the best place in the world for a picture to go big. It has all sorts of jazz parties, the theme of the tale being that each generation frowns upon the doings of the succeeding ones. And the climax is reached when the current group of youngsters start off . . . five of them . . . for a platonic camping trip, without a chaperon, to see if they wear well.

The picture is sure-fire, an amusing play by Rachel Crothers called "Mary the Third" turned into a not-quite-so-amusing picture. Not that King Vidor didn't do an excellent job in directing it, but it just happens to be an argumentative sort of theme and is, as presented on the screeen, in danger of being talked to death. It remains, nevertheless, an entertaining picture.

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