starring Ramon Novarro and Norma Shearer
October 8, 1927

A powerful story, produced by Mr. Ernst Lubitsch in artistic atmosphere. The first half, after the prologue, makes one feel cheerful; it deals with romantic youth. The middle and last parts are sad; they show love unrealized. What makes it artistic is the fact that Mr. Lubitsch, like the writer that fits the sound to the scene, has fitted the atmosophere to the mood, so that one feels deeply the principal characters' joys or sorrows, whatever the occasion demands. When the young prince is in love, for example, and sees the world through spectacles of hope and cheer, there is sunshine everywhere. When the King dies and the Prince is called to reign, the atmosphere is made gloomy with rain to fit the mood of the prince, who realizes that he will not be able to marry the girl he loved. When toward the end the prince, now a king, decides to visit the girl he so loved and once more try to live the old days, even for a short time, Mr. Lubitsch has used autumn atmosphere, because sad was the feeling of the Prince. The scenes where the hero is shown returning to the old haunts at the University of Heidelberg, and finds the cheer, the laughter, the playfulness of the old place gone, are tenderly pathetic. The last meeting of the King and the heroine will move the spectator deeply. The plot has been founded on the operetta "The Student Prince." Mr. Novarro does good work. Norma Shearer has never done better work in her life. Jean Herscholt (sic), that good old actor, is loveable in the role of the Prince's tutor, who would humanely shut his eyes so that the Prince might enjoy the innocent pleasures the other students were enjoying. At times one feels as if he would steal the picture; in some places he does in fact, steal it. Otis Harlan, Edward Connelly, Gustav von Seyffertitz and other players are in the supporting cast. Some of the scenes have been filmed in Germany, in and around the University of Heidelberg.

Although it is a very good picture, it is not a two-dollar picture.

starring Ramon Novarro and Norma Shearer
November, 1927

When the doctors disagree, it is usually hard on the patient. It was in this case. Ernst Lubitsch originally directed the picture. John Stahl redid the love scenes. Someone else inserted new backgrounds. Yet above the doctoring triumphantly rises the deeply poignant love story of Karl Heinrich and Kathie, of the German prince and the pretty serving maid who loved him so devotedly she made him study and go back to his kingdom, though it broke the hearts of both of them.

The distinguished work of the entire cast gives the picture its greatest appeal. Equal honors go to Ramon Novarro as the Prince, Norma Shearer as Kathie, Jean Hersholt as the tutor and Phillippe de Lacy as the young Prince. This is a film for all young hearts from babyhood to beards.

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