Starring Arline Pretty and Henry G. Sell
January 11, 1920

Beginning in a most mysterious manner, "A Woman in Grey," which stars Arline Pretty and features Henry G. Sell, becomes somewhat more complicated for a few reels, but after that evolves itself into a string of events that prolong the affair and furnish the material for the 15 episodes. The camera work is very good most of the time. As far as the manner in which the different episodes end is concerned, there is little to be desired. After the first few reels, however, but one thing is really left to be cleared up - the identity of Ruth Hope, the "Woman in Grey," played by Arline Pretty. The mystery attached ot her will probably serve to keep the spectator in suspense, especially as the solution is promised again and again, but cleverly delayed. C.N. and A.M. Williamson wrote the story while Walter Richard hall furnished the scenario and James Vincent directed. Included in the cast are James Heenan, Margaret Fielding, Fred Jones, Ann Brody, Jack Newton, Jack Manning, Walter Chapin and others. The first five episodes are called, respectively, "The House of Mystery," "The Daggers of Death," "The Trap of Steel," "The Strangle Knot," and "The Chasm of Fear."

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