Starring Theda Bara
March, 1926

When I saw "The Unchastened Woman" and realized that it was actually Theda Bara's return to the screen, and not just one of her old pictures, my amazement knew no bounds. I had to be told over and over again that I was actually seeing a picture made within the past year, and even now, I don't quite believe it.

I have heard that Miss Bara has signed up with Hal Roach comedies, and this film might well be the first one. Certainly, it is not the same play in which Emily Stevens disported herself so decadently. Miss Bara's vamping is so childish that it is almost wholesome.

The picture is filled with such titles as "Caroline, little mother, won't you let me tell you how much I need you?" and "Men are just boys grown older, and I guess I can take good care of my two boys."

The rest of the picture is vulgar, badly directed, badly acted, and in every way perfectly hopeless. I enjoyed it.

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