starring Tyrone Power, Kathlyn Williams and Wheeler Oakman
November ?, 1915
Takes Character Lead of "Roanoke Brooks" in "Sweet Alysaun"
Tyrone Power, the distinguished star, enacts a wonderful role in Charles Major's story, "Sweet Alyssum," to be released in five acts as a Selig Red Seal play, through V. L. S. E. on November 15th. Mr. Power assumes the role of "Roanoke Brooks," a rough and ready Southern Methodist, who lives only for his beautiful young daughter, "Sweet Alyssum," played by Edith Johnson. Kathleen (sic) Williams as Mrs. Roanoke Brooks, has also many opportunities for some strong emotional parts with Mr. Power. Wheeler Oakman, another Selig star, does convincing work in the role of the young Indian school master who marries "Sweet Alvssum." Colin Campbell is responsible for the direction. "Sweet Alyssum" is a picture play with an appeal and is certain to create a sensation bv its sympathetic treatment and presentation.

starring Tyrone Power, Kathlyn Williams and Wheeler Oakman
December 4, 1915
Strikes me the Selig Company have put forth a daring film in "Sweet Alyssum," inasmuch as it tells plainly the immorality of the mother, where she has passed her nights, etc., showing the woman to be utterly devoid of soul, and we are glad when she gets out of the picture. Tyrone Power, as expected, was excellent, and his conduct was entirely excusable in dealing with the guilty pair. Later on the story developed well, but somehow we could not quite get away from that unwholesome mother, and felt that one reel might have been censored.

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