Starring William Haines, Jack Holt and Alice Day
June 1928

William Haines, the man you love to - see socked in the nose, draws a couple of snappy right hooks from Jack Holt in this one before he finally throws away his high hat to win the girl and the international polo matches. Young Mr. Haines, a smart aleck and nifty dresser on or off, hits his stride right off the reel in the best of his pictures since "Slide, Kelly, Slide." If self-possession is nine points of the movie star, Bill has 'em all. He simply romps away with the picture, and in so doing seems to have just as much fun as the audience. The plot doesn't differ vitally from those in his other stories. Instead of a golf or baseball background, we have the polo games. And as tennis, cricket, croquet and tiddle-de-winks still remain, Bill may safely look forward to years of cinema prosperity and constantly increasing fan mail. Alice Day is his leading lady.

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