Starring Annette Benson, Brian Aherne and Donald Calthrop
March 3, 1928
The theme is a film within a film and the plot deals with the life of a famous star, her husband and her lover on and off the screen. It is very cleverly treated, and in a subtle and intriguing way, we are introduced to much more of studio life behind the scenes than we have ever seen before.

Technically, the picture is excellent, the lighting effects by Karl Fischer, the famous German expert, and the unique settings by Mr. Ian Campbell gray who was at Oxford with Mr. Asquith being outstanding features.

The work of Miss Annette Benson as May Feather, the screen star, was a revelation. She has tarred in many British productions, but has never done anything half so good as her brilliant acting in "Shooting Stars." Mr. Brian Ahearne (sic) acted well as the husband, and Mr. Donald Calthrop made good in the dual role of "the other man" and a slapstick comedian.

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