starring Joan Crawford, Rod LaRoque, Anita Page, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
July 1929

As Joan Crawford's first starring vehicle, this vivid picture of ultra-modern youth, as the movies see our younger folk, will undoubtedly create quite a stir. This is Josephine Lovett's sequel to "Our Dancing Daughters." Then, too, it is the first time Joan and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., have played together.

Joan plays the role she does so well, that of a pampered play-girl bored with the world her rich father gives her to play with. The climax of the picture is based on a thoroughly orignal and unique situation.

Joan is exquisitely poised and gowned, and her acting highly commendable. Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., gives astoundingly accurate impersonations of John Barrymore, Jack Gilbert, and his own dad, Douglas, Sr. Probably a tremendous box-office hit. Part Talkie.

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