starring Betty Compson, Ricardo Cortez, Wallace Beery and George Bancroft
December, 1925

History stalks across the screen again in the picturization of the West of the days when California was isolated from the Union. When it comes to painting it in all its romantic glamour, James Cruze of "Covered Wagon" fame is the right man for the job. He covers himself with glory in animating it with vigorous action, in giving it one thrill after another and saturating it with atmosphere. The picture's flaws may be attributed to its series of counterplots, for it seems as if a complete story could be woven around each important character. Another error is its length, it being expanded considerably beyond the point where the story logically ends. Nevertheless, it is a highly interesting picture with its graphic depiction of romance and history in the West. Ricardo Cortez plays the express rider with good feeling, while Wallace Beery and George Bancroft enact their roles with commendable vigor.

Video source: Grapevine

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