The home of

Antonio Moreno

Hollywood, California c. 1924

Spanish style, neutral stucco exterior with red tiled roof.

"The Morenos live on a hill top from which they can see the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island, the first range of the Sierras, beautiful Silver Lake, and all of Hollywood and Los Angeles. The glorious freedom and space of an eagle's nest -- with all the comforts of home."

Below is a view that would be from the right of the photo above.

Below is the brick with marble trim swimming pool.

"Tapestried furniture, golden-hued velvet hangings, and oriental rugs -- they create the foreground of what has been called California's loveliest drawing room. The walls are tinted in a soft grey-ivory, and the lofty ceilings are of dark wood that is polished and inlaid."

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