The home of

Thomas Ince

1051 Benedict Canyon Dr., Beverly Hills c. 1924
" . . . old Spanish ranch estate such as the early settlers in California had. He has been planning this home and collecting furnishings for it for years, and the actual building of it has taken two years. So that everything in the house would look very old, materials were weathered in various ways. The stucco on the house itself was painted with adobe mud, which was later washed off. The tiles and ironwork were made by Mexican workmen who used the most primitive methods. On the estate there is a good sized trout pool, a bowling green, tennis courts and a swimming pool. In the house there is an autograph room which contains many documents and pictures concerned with the early history of California, a projection room built like a ship, and Mr. Ince's own suite boasts a complete Turkish bath establishment." Note: The home was demolished in the late 1940's.

Second photo is of the dining room.

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