The home of

Jack Mulhall

Beverly Hills, California - c. 1927

(see text below)

"Spanish mansion of ivory-white stucco, with brown trimmings and a roof of red tiles. Inside, the home's reception hall rises from a delicately hued tile flooring is a circular stairway or ornamental ironwork, touched with gold. The living room is one and a half stories high, with a beamed ceiling colored in soft tones of red and blue. At the windows are hangings of red crocatelle, and an elaborately-carved chest conceals a radio. The dining room is of the Spanish Renaissance period. The chairs are upholstered in red satin damask, heavily embroidered in gold. The color scheme of the library is blue, green, and orange, and the bookcases, set in the wall, have iron gate-doors with elaborate grilling. Jack Mulhall's bedroom, dressing room, and bath likewise carry out the dream. Spanish furniture predominates, the bed being a carved antique procured in Mexico City. Curtains of henna damask and a Spanish rug of green furnish lively colors. The bath is of imported tile, the colors green and black, with a border of variegated Moorish tile. Mrs. Mulhall's bedroom is Venetian, with hangings of jonquil-yellow taffeta, and cornices of green, heavily ornamented with gold, while her bath is a delicate combination of rose and green. Color and comfort do not end when you pass out of the house. A patio, garden, tennis court, lily pond, kennel and a tower lend atmosphere to this unique establishment, and a fanciful weather vane adds a final touch to the home that grew from the dreams of a star who was once an extra."

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