The home of

Theda Bara

Fatty Arbuckle

Raoul Walsh-Miriam Cooper

Joseph Schenck-Norma Talmadge

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649 West Adams Blvd. in downtown Los Angeles
Over a ten year period (approx. 1915-1925) this home was occupied by
Theda Bara (in the mid-teens)
Fatty Arbuckle (in the late teens and early twenties)
Raoul Walsh and Miriam Cooper (rented from Fatty in 1923 for less than a year)
Joe Schenck and Norma Talmadge (moved in the home in 1924)

The photo below was identified as "Norma Talmadge's home."

Notice the room(s) addition on the left that is not in the photo above.

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