Scenes from the movie

 Young lovers.

Although Leonora sends Rafael a note asking him to come see her before she leaves for Paris, his mother convinces him to stay away from her.

 Leonora returns to her hometown after becoming famous. When Rafael speaks of himself as "honorable" in a public speech, Leonora can only laugh.

 "Still carrying my orange blossoms?" she asks. "But they are dead."

 When the torrential rains flood the town, everyone retreats to the Brull household. Rafael asks Cupido, "Leonora. Is she safe?" He replies, "The dam is breaking. Her house will be in the path of the torrent!"

 At a feast prior to getting married, Rafael begs away telling his fiancee, Remedios, he has a headache.

 He leaves the feast and goes to the orange blossom orchard outside the gate of Leonora's old home. She goes to the gate, sees him and calls to him. They pledge to go away together the next day.

 Rafael's mother convinces Leonora's mother that her daughter's wealth has been obtained by irreputable methods. Leonora's mother returns everything she has been given and tells Leonora never to come back.

 Rafael follows Leonora to Madrid. "The Paris Express leaves at six. Then Cherbourg -- and America!"

 His mother's lawyer finds him in Madrid. "What can this woman do for you -- but drag you down!"


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