Scenes from the movie

 Johnny tries to tell insurance Detective Jennings that the note he found at the scene of the car crash could be clue to John Bowman's disappearance. However, the detective brushes the note off as insignificant.

 Betty urges Johnny, "Please do something BIG so they'll have to listen to you."

 "But I can't permit you to leave the house on so wild a night," Dr. Ziska says.

Hands rise up on either side of Betty as she lies on the divan.

 Johnny finds three ragged men locked in an underground room. "We were overpowered and imprisoned here by my patients. Our lives are in constanct peril."

 Dr. Ziska sizes Johnny up observing, "An interesting specimen . . ."

 Johnny walks a power line like a tightrope in the pouring rain to escape Rigo.

"You are about to witness the most remarkable operation ever attempted by man!" Dr. Ziska tells Amos.

"It is only from a woman that I can learn the secret of life!"

 "How can I ever be worthy of a wonderful man like you!"

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