Scenes from the movie

Trying to hold a large number of packages, carry a live turkey and pay the conductor on the trolley at the same time proves to be difficult for Hubby.

 Out for a ride in their new car and speeding, a cop pulls alongside and tells Hubby to pull over. Seeing his chance to get away, Hubby gets in behind the cop and tailgates him so he can't stop - eventually running cop and motorcycle into a lake.

 Mother-in-law butts in with the cop at the intersection and causes Hubby to get a second traffic ticket.

 Trying to get away from a fire wagon pulled by a team of racing horses, Hubby jerks the car over onto the sidewalk. Suddenly an underground elevator rises from below the street level lifting the car in the air.

 Brother-in-law Charley is more concerned that his pocket watch is broken than he is that the brand new car has been totally demolished by a trolley.

 Back home, dejected, and wishing he had the nerve to stand up to his mother-in-law, Hubby goes to his neighbor for advice. The neighbor suggests a big drink from his whiskey flask will provide the confidence he needs.

 Mother-in-law has figured out that Hubby is intoxicated. To keep her from telling Wifey, he douses her napkin in chloroform and then surreptitiously blows pepper her way. Sneezing several times, she uses the napkin to cover her face - and the chloroform brings about the desired result.

 Through a series of misunderstandings, Hubby thinks he has accidentally murdered his mother-in-law by giving her too much chloroform. When he sees her sleepwalking through the dark house, he thinks she has come back to haunt him.

When mother-in-law awakes from her sleepwalking, she thinks she sees a ghost. It's actually Hubby flailing away trying to get a cover off that fell on him.

Realizing that the mother-in-law is not dead and that she thinks there are ghosts in the house, Hubby puts on a sheet and rises from a chest successfully scaring the in-laws from the house.

Copyright 2011 by Tim Lussier. All rights reserved.

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