Scenes from the movie

 Pia is determined to win Marcus away from Ciglia. She follows him into the mountains and vows, "I'll get you, Marcus!"

  Lorenz begs Ciglia to marry him, but she is in love with Marcus.

At the celebration for the end of the French occupation, Marcus becomes inebriated, and Ciglia finds his advances unwelcome. "Marcus, I want to go home," he tells him.

  Pia's mother has been to see Reverend Tass and told him that Marcus and Pia spent the night together. She demands that he marry her daughter.

  When Ciglia learns that Marcus may be lost in the mountains in a snow storm, she begs Lorenz to go look for him. "No, I say!" he exclaims as he slams his fist on the table. "I'll not lift a hand! Let him die!"

  Lorenz offers Marcus money if he'll leave the village.

  With a mob behind him, the wounded Lorenz points accusingly at Marcus and Ciglia.

  Ciglia prays, "Don't separate us again! Take us . . . take us together . . . unto Thyself . . ."

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