Scenes from the movie

 Jim's mother has just found out that he's enlisted.

 Jim found a barrel that he and his buddies can use to rig up a shower in a tree. Melisande wonders who this funny man is inside the barrel.

 Melisande happens to see Bull and Slim washing for the first time under Jim's makeshift shower without a stitch on and laughs.

 Melisande and Jim both make motions to indicate that he was the funny man inside the barrel.

 Jim uses his French-English dictionary to try and tell Melisande he loves her.

 Jim visits Melisande's house one evening as they drink wine in tribute to the French soldiers who are serving. Things get confused, though, when Bull and Slim are caught stealing wine in the cellar, MPs and other soldiers get involved out in the yard, and Melisande does her best to pull Jim from the melee.

 A sudden call to move to the front and, after a frantic search, Melisande finds Jim leaving on a truck and barely has time to kiss him goodbye.

Marching through Belleau Wood watching the soldiers around him fall as snipers in the trees and machine gun nests are sought out.

 Finding refuge in a shellhole with a German machine gun only feet away, the three buddies pause for a cigarette.

 Back home after the war, hardened by the miseries and severely wounded, Jim can only think of returning to Melisande.

 When Jim's company was called to the front, Melisande didn't see him for the rest of the war. She and her mother return to rebuild their life in the bombed out village while she wonders if Jim had even survived the war.


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