Scenes from the movie

O'Gaffney and Phelps are captured by the Germans. When O'Gaffney purposely trips his comrade, Phelps fakes a hurt leg, and the German guard forces O'Gaffney to support him as they march.

  The two escape from the German prison camp by taking white robes from two Turks to hide them in the snow and then crawl under the barbred wire fence.

In a romantic moment, Mirza finally allows Phelps to remove her veil.

  The Turkish captain of the ship demands payment for Mirza's passage.

  O'Gaffney and Phelps come to the Emir thinking they will get a reward for rescuing Mirza from drowning. Instead, the Emir plans to kill them for seeing Mirza without her veil.

  Phelps sneaks back to the Emir's palace to take Mirza away with him.

  Mirza's fiance, Shevket, challenges Phelps to a duel.

  Shevket is surprised to find Phelps - holding a gun - in the carriage in which he planned to take Mirza away.

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