When Sympathy spills some water, her abusive husband, Daniel, is about to strike her, but stops when he remembers there are other people in the room.

 Gibbs and several other fishermen from the village are lost at sea, and the townspeople kneel to pray. When Yen Sin does not join them, Nate Snow orders him to leave.

Minister Malden rescues Yen Sin from the taunting of a group of men and boys.

 Malden and Sympathy announce their engagement at the town social.

 Malden tells Nate Snow about the letter he received from Sympathy's husband, Daniel Gibbs, who they thought had died at sea.

 Sam Low watches as extortion money is left for Daniel Gibbs to pick up.

 For the sake of their baby, Malden keeps the news of Daniel Gibbs' reappearance from Sympathy.

 Malden tries to stay away from Sympathy, but finds himself giving in to her pleas.

 Malden makes a confession to a group from the church on Yen Sin's boat. He admits that he's known for a year that Daniel Gibbs is alive yet has continued to live with Sympathy as a married couple.

 A happy family.

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