Scenes from the movie

 Little Jackie Blair wanders through the immigration center at Ellis Island. Having no parents, he must be deported.

Captain Bill, who can't find a job because of his age, shares a meal with the little orphan who escaped from the authorities at Ellis Island and followed him home. 

 Although he told the boy he could only stay one night, the Captain is beginning to grow fond of him.

 Nevertheless, he tells the boy the authorities will be looking for him and he must go.

 The Captain is sick with rheumatism, has no money for the prescription, and has very little to eat in the house.

 Jackie asks for his share of the money from the organ grinder for performing on the street, but the man pushes him away. The man is unmoved by the boy's pleading that he needs the money for the Captain's prescription.

 Jackie returns home with two bottles from the drugstore but mistakenly gives the Captain a spoonful of liniment instead of the oral medicine.

 At a community party for the kids in the neighborhood, a handbag is missing. When the policeman is called in to search the children, Jackie runs.

 When Jackie gets back to the Captain's house, an official from the immigration office is waiting to take him away, but the policeman also wants to take him away for suspicion of stealing the handbag at the party.

 "Why did you run from the policeman?"

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