Dr. Sinclair discovers a derelict ship in the far North and a man frozen in ice.

 Howard disrupts Felice Strange's wedding to Dr. Gilbert Trent thinking that she is his long lost love - Felice Norcross. It turns out that Felice Strange is a descendent of Felice Norcross who lived 100 years ago.

 Dr. Trent convinces the authorities that Howard is insane, and he is taken to an asylum.

 Dr. Trent uses the seductive Marie Le Grande to convince Francois Duval to testify that Howard killed Dr. Strange.

 Felice shows Howard a 1922 newspaper, and for the first time he realizes he has been suspended in time for 100 years.

 Dr. Trent tells the detectives that Howard murdered Dr. Strange.

 After kidnapping Felice, Dr. Trent plans to inject her with a drug so she'll marry him.

 Howard clings by his fingertips on a cliff during a fight with Dr. Trent.

 Howard rescues Felice before she goes over the falls.

 The closing embrace.

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