Scenes from the movie

 Young sweethearts in Springfield, IL.

Davy watches as the two-fingered Indian kills his father with an ax.

 The dance hall girl, Ruby, tells Jesson, "My friends will make you very rich if you fail to find a shorter pass than Smokey River."

Miriam and Dave haven't seen each other since they were children.

 Marsh: "Davy, our money is running low -- unless we can find a shorter cut than Smokey River, we're beaten!"


Dave: "Dad showed me exactly what you're looking for -- one night just before -- he was murdered by a two-fingered renegade who headed a band of Cheyennes."

 After the fight with Jesson, Dave tells Miriam, "Listen, Miriam, I didn't come here to quarrel with him --"

Miriam: "Then you came to drink -- and gamble -- and -- and dance -- You came straight to this -- this vile den! You're as untrustworthy as he is!" 

"Bauman tries desperately to halt work through the new pass by inciting the hostile Cheyennes to war."

 Fighting off the Indian attack.

 Dave goes after an Indian sharpshooter hiding in the stack of railroad ties. It turns out to be Bauman -- and when he notices only two fingers on the right hand, he knows this is the man who killed his father.

 Dave and Miriam walk away from an historic moment - Promontory Point, Utah, May 10, 1869 - the meeting of the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific rail lines.

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