Scenes from the movie

 Kittens is infatuated with Jerry Naughton, a "ladies man" closer to her parents' age than hers.

Kittens' date, Kenneth, is jealous of her attentions to Naughton while they're at the nightclub. "If you don't stop chasing around with Naughton, I'm going to tell your father."

"Well tell him now," she says. "He's right over there."

 Ethel is tired of staying home while her husband and daughter are out all of the time. "Mazzy, I'm going with you to the Roof Club. I'm going to live."

Westcourt is surprised to find his "stay at home" wife at the nightclub he has been frequenting with his girlfriend. "Unless you return home with me immediately -- you needn't return at all," he tells her.

 "If you're not afraid of me," Naughton tells Ethel, "then why not dine with me tonight at my apartment?"

 Mazzy tells Ethel, "It's too gorgeous -- his falling for you! Don't spoil it by not going to dinner with him." 

Naughton wants to get Kittens out of his apartment before Ethel arrives, so he tells her, "I've got some business friends coming tonight -- now be a good girl and go home."

 "I love you, and I'm going to hold you in spite of your husband, your daughter, and everyone else in the world."

 Not realizing this is her mother, Kittens demands, "Who is this woman? Why don't you let me see your face?"

 When Kittens tells her father she caught Naughton kissing her mother, he says, "I suppose you're going to deny all of this?" Naughton replies, "On the contrary. I affirm it -- I love Mrs. Westcourt."

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