Scenes from the movie

 David takes Madeline to the bank with him when he has to work one night. He doesn't realize that she plans to sketch the "layout" for her crook boyfriend.

Katherine would have missed her train if John hadn't pulled her into the mail car at the last minute.

 David struggles in the dark of Madeline's apartment with an unknown assailant. He hits the person with a candelabra. When the clerk arrives with a light, Madeline looks at the body on the floor and tells David, "It was your uncle - you've --"

David is caught up in a massive prison break. His fellow escapee sees the photo of Madeline that David carries and tells him who she really is.

 Katherine, with evidence in hand that David did not murder his uncle, holds Madeline at bay with a pistol.

 Katherine tells John she must get the proof of David's innocence to the Governor before 8 o'clock the next morning.

One of Victor Johnson's gang boards the train and demands the letter that incriminates Johnson for the murder.

 As his car speeds along side the train, Johnson holds a gun to Katherine's head and shouts to John that he'll shoot her if he doesn't get off the train and turn over the letter.

 "My son, do you believe in a Supreme Being?"

 John, out of character in a tuxedo, laughs with Katherine over the end of their troubles.

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