Scenes from the Movie

 After the boy's graduation speech denouncing sports, Mary angrily walks away.

 To impress Mary, he tries out for baseball at college. However, in a bases loaded situation, he runs from first to home on a fly ball causing his team to get three outs at one time. The umpire holds up three fingers to inform him of his error.

 As a joke, a bunch of boys use a blanket to throw the boy in the air. However, he grabs onto a lady looking out from an upstairs window and drags her down with him.

Jeff tells Mary, "Don't get too interested in that campus clown. You're supposed to be going with me."

 When the boy tries out for track, he is discouraged when two kids chasing each other run faster than he does down the track.

 "Coach, I'd lke to have you make this young man coxswain of the crew."

"Please leave. If you were seen in my room it would mean expulsion for me!" That's just what Jeff wants since he's just been expelled.

 The rudder comes loose from the scull, so the boy ties it to his posterior and lowers himself into the water to guide the boat.

 All of the boy's athletic abilities come out when he must confront Jeff in Mary's room. Jeff throws items from the dressing table, and the boy swings a boat paddle like a seasoned baseball player.

 Caught together in Mary's dorm room.

"Young lady, do you know what this means?"

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