The husband secretly meets the woman from the city out in the fields in the moonlight.

 The wife recoils in fear for her life as her husband approaches her in the boat on the way to the city.

 In the city, the husband and wife go into a church where a wedding is taking place. The husband is mesmerized as he listens to the words of the wedding vows.

 The husband prepares to attend to an obnoxious man who has been flirting with his wife in the barbershop.

 The huband and wife are amused when they realize the photographer took a picture of them kissing.

 The crowd applauds as the husband and wife complete "The Peasant Dance" - the end to a perfect day in the city.

 On the way home, a terrible storms develops, and the couple are about to be thrown into the water.

 Believing his wife drowned, the husband is in shock.

 When the woman from city calls to him, he chases her and tries to kill her.

 The husband falls on his wife who was rescued from the water.

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