Scenes from the movie

 Pete's father tells him to quit being lazy and work to promote Prindle's products.

At a dinner party at his home, Pete meets the daughter of one of his father's business partners, Christine. After the dinner of "health food," Pete goes to a restaurant where he can get some meat and "real" food. He is surprised to find Christine there for the same reason.

 Christine's father shows Pete's father the extortion note he received from the Weazels gang.

 Pete proposes to Christine, and she accepts. However, her father will not give his blessing to the marriage until Pete owns half interest in Prindle's products.

 Cadwalader works with police to capture one of the Weazels when the crook comes to pick up the extortion money in Central Park.

 Pete's father chides him for not promoting Prindle's products the way his two sisters have done - by getting their picture in the "Vegetarian Gazette." Pete tries several tricks to get his picture in the papers, including a fake car wreck.

 He also tries to get his picture in the papers by fighting the boxing champ. Although he does win, the place is raided by the police, and he is lucky to escape without getting arrested -- and again just misses getting his picture in the papers.

 Pete's father tells him not to come back until he has made good.

 Accidentally, Pete happens upon the Weazels as they are staging the wreck of a train carrying Cadwalader. Singlehandedly he defeats the Weazels and saves the train. Everyone crowds around the exhausted hero.

 Everyone is reading about Pete's heroic deed in the newspaper, but he has other things on his mind.

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