Dolores and her father live an idyllic life in the Canadian wilderness. When Peter Burke, a naturalist and investigator for the Government, arrives in the area for some work, is invited to stay with Dolores and her father, and the two young people fall in love.

  Rydal, a muderer on the run, is caught by a Mountie. What the Mountie doesn't know is that Rydal's half-breed friend is in the bushes ready to shoot him.

  Rydal's obsession with Dolores starts when he finds her swimming nude in a secluded spot near her cabin.

  Rydal tries to force his attentions on Dolores.

  Dolores' father is killed by Rydal. Peter comforts her after she has pulled her father's lifeless body from the river.

  Peter and Dolores are married. They decide to return to the old cabin, but find that the ship's captain is Rydal. Rydal stages an accident in an attempt to have Peter killed.

 Dolores befriends the vicious Wapi, a dog that no man has been able to get near.

  Rydal's partner in crime, Sealskin Blake, promises to help Dolores get her injured husband to Fort Confidence for medical attention.

  "I heard you plotting with Rydal last night," she tells Blake. "Unless you play square, I shall kill you. Tell your man to drive us to Fort Confidence."

  After four days in driving sknow on a dog sled, finally safe at Fort Confidence where her husband gets proper medical attention.

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