Scenes from the movie

"Toodles greatly hankers to drive a Darco in the Grand Prize, but the Bear won't have an amateur 'messing things up.'" 

  "You can't fire me! I'm firing myself! I wouldn't work for such a crab!"

  J.D.: "Where the blazes did this Darco come from?"

Toodles: "It's mine. Made her out of the pieces of your wrecked cars. I call her the Three-in-One."

 "Another hold-up! Well, this one doesn't go! Dorothy doesn't marry anyone for at least five years!"

J.D.: "You can take another try at that record, kid - if you'll keep your mouth shut this time!"

Toodles: "Nothing doing! I've given Gasoline Row the last laugh it ever gets on me!"

"Tell Toodles that my daughter and I start for San Francisco and Detroit tonight on the eight o'clock. Be gone a year. Don't tell him till exactly ten minutes after the train has pulled out - and have your best stock car stripped and ready for a race."

"J.D's kidnapping the Cub! I'll get you out of this!"

"We'll meet the train - or be dead in a ditch somewhere on the way!"

 A close call!

"Oh, darn your old record! What I want to know is whether Dorothy and I are to be married in the Tapestry Room of the St. Francis or the Palm Room at the Palace?"

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