Scenes from the Movie

 Ginger tries to teach Don/Harry his death scene, but he won't cooperate. He keeps putting his arms around her.

 "Whar's that Yankee spy?" This scenes gives some idea of how "hokey" the Bolivar Company's Civil War melodrama is.

 "I've seen some bum actors, but you're the worst! You're fired!"

 Ginger can't believe the troupe is being offered a chance to perform their melodrama on Broadway. What they don't know is that the producer plans to promote it as a comedy.

 Ginger meets the famous Broadway star Don Wilson. She doesn't know this is the same man who posed as Harry Mann - the terrible actor she fired.

 Don offers to fill in for the missing Harry Mann and makes an even worse travesty of the play with his antics.

 Ginger's father can't bear the laughter at his play any longer and leaves.

 Ginger runs out into the rain after bawling out the audience for laughing at their production. Don/Harry chases after her.

 Ginger thought her father had stayed in their room because he was feeling ill. So she tells him the play was a great success. "Daughter, I was there," he says.

 "I love you!"

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