Scenes from the movie

"Tania was expecting her cousin to occupy the box with her at the opera -- but instead von Raden shows up." 

  "Back at her apartment, von Raden can't resist the beautiful Tania."

"I suppose the woman you were with at the opera last night - was your companion today? We have just learned that that woman is Tania Fedorova - one of Russia's cleverest spies!"

Tania: "Karl, I gave you my love -"

von Raden: "Yes - for a price."

" - you have broken the holy vows of secrecy, and have betrayed the honor of your country!"

"Tania's cleverness not only won us these plans - but put von Raden in prison!"

von Raden's uncle, the head of the Secret Service, helps him get out of prison so he can find Tania -- and gain his retribution.

"We have a dangerous audience, musician. We must give a good performance."

"Your friend Max Heinrich is the traitor! These plans and letters will prove it!"

"Boris - please - let him go! I'll never see him again!" 

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