Scenes from the movie

 Lulu is treated no better than hired help by her brother-in-law, Dwight, and her sister, Ina.

  Dwight chides Lulu for spending a quarter on a flower.

  In a moment of playfulness, Dwight's brother, Ninian, acts as if he is proposing to Lulu. He then turns serious and asks her if she will really marry him.

  Ninian confesses that he was married 15 years ago and never got a divorce.

  When Lulu returns home, Dwight and Ina insist that she tell no one that she left Ninian.

  ". . . may I call tonight, Miss Lulu?"

Dwight looks on disapprovingly.

  When Dwight and Ina's daughter, Diana, tries to elope, Lulu catches her at the train station and urges her to come home.

  Dwight tells Lulu she must leave his home.

  "You can't forgive me!" she shouts at Dwight as Ina and her mother look on in horror.

  Lulu confesses she loves Neil, the local schoolteacher.

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