Scenes from the movie

 The husband, the child, his best friend, the wife and the sister-in-law - happy times for the Schuyler family.

 Mrs. Schuyler takes her child away, snubbing the vampire and her drunken boyfriend. "Some day you'll regret that," the vampire says.

 Mrs. Schuyler's sister has an accident that will prevent her from accompanying her husband on his trip to England.

 The vampire's present "victim" learns of her plan to sail to England in pursuit of a "wealthy lawyer and statesman" and follows her on board. He threatens to commit suicide.

 Schuyler says farewell to his wife, child and best friend as he readies to set sail for England.

 The vampire wastes no time in meeting John Schuyler as the ship leaves port. She drops a rose which he picks up and returns to her.

 The vampire and her latest "victim" - John Schuyler - lounging on a beach in Italy.

 Schuyler and his mistress are shunned at a governmental affair.

 The sister tells Mrs. Schuyler what she has learned about her brother-in-law's indiscretions.


 After returning to America, Schuyler is a drunken wreck relieved of his governmental responsibilities. When Mrs. Schuyler comes to take her husband home, the vampire appears to stop her.

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