Scenes from the movie

The demure Theodora is grateful to Lord Bracondale for saving her from drowning. 

 "Darling child, you need not marry this man if you do not want to."

 Rescued a second time by Lord Bracondale.

 Josiah does not feel well, so he tells Capt. Fitzgerald and Theodora to go out without him.

 " . . . but if we are not stronger than our love, we must not meet again."

 "The journey is difficult, and the desert tribes are lawless - and you might never come back."

 Jealous Morella steams open the letter Theodora has written to Lord Bracondale.

 "I could kill you, you thief. You have stolen my wife."

 "Oh, Hector, he means to sacrifice himself for us - we must stop him!"

 Josiah fights off the desert bandits.

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