Scenes from the movie

 Alma rubs her arm where she was pinched by the bandleader's wife. Heyst asks if must constantly takes this abuse.

  Heyst sneaks Alma away in the middle of the night.

  Pedro, Mr. Jones and Ricardo -- three dangerous men -- arrive at Soerabaja.

  Because of his hatred of Heyst and wanting to get revenge on his enemy for taking Alma away, Schomberg lies to Ricardo and tells him that Heyst has a lot of money on the island where he lives.

  The three desperadoes arrive on Heyst's island appearing very innocent -- but with murderous plans.

  Although Ricardo attacks Alma she repels him, a and he is taken with her beauty and fighting spirit. He asks her to join the criminal threesome. To buy herself time, she agrees.

  Jones pretended to be sick to get Heyst to his bungalow and kill him. However, both begin to wonder why it is taking Ricardo so long to return.

 Heyst and Jones view this scene from the window, and Heyst is repulsed that Alma would let such a man touch her. He doesn't realize that she's sobbing because Ricardo has told her of Heyst's impending murder.

  When he confronts her about what he saw, Alma swears that she "played along" with Ricardo to save him.

  Finally they are safe with no more threat from the criminals.

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