Scenes from the Movie

 Honey admires her husband as he enjoys his breakfast before going to work.. Of course, she knows this is the day he will be asking his boss for a raise.

 Before Skinner can ask for a raise, he accidentally gives his boss a glass of water from a "dribble glass."

 Honey hugs Skinner to congratulate him on getting his raise. What she doesn't know is that he DIDN'T get it!

 The office secretary shows Skinner how to do the "Savannah Shuffle."

 Skinner's and Honey's new dancing skills are a 'hit' at the reception hosted by the socially elite Colbys."


 Honey and Skinner meet the wealthy Mr. Jackson whom his former boss has been trying to win as a client.

 "This is a poor place to talk business, but would you be interested in a half million dollar contract?"

 Skinner is hired back . . . as a junior partner!!

 Honey never lost faith in her husband.

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