Scenes from the movie

 Bill is surprised -- and disappointed -- that his son is not a big, strapping young man, and he's even more surprised by young Willie's foppish outfit and ukulele.

 Although Willie and Kitty are sweethearts, Bill and J.J. King are determined to keep them apart.

 Bill shows Willie what a fist is for.

 Bill has had enough of his son's association with the Kings and buys him a ticket back to Boston.

 J.J. King succeeds in having Bill arrested.

 Willie brings a loaf of bread to his jailed father -- however, the sheriff doesn't know that there are tools inside the bread to help Bill escape.

 During the cyclone, the jail slips off the embankment into the river. Bill is still locked in his cell, and the jail is slowly sinking.

 Willie rescues Kitty from an upside down house that is floating down the river.

 After he rescues his father, Willie has finally earned his admiration.

 J.J. King is pulled from the river after the storm. Unfortunately, his brand new steamboat was sunk by the cyclone.

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