Tom dangles high above the ground as he listens to the bandits talk on the ledge above him.

 Tom rescues Madge from her runaway buggy.

Deluxe Harry, the hobo, salutes his old Army captain and agrees to help him capture the bandits.

 Tom sneaks into Madge's house to see her one night, but she is reluctant to show her true feelings because she still thinks he's a bandit.

 Burton Holt is secretary to the railroad president, Mr. Cullen. He is passing on secret information to the leader of the bandits, Bill Tolfree, but doesn't realize that Deluxe Harry is listening to their conversation from under the train.

 Holt tries to win Madge's affections.

 Harry has just been shot in the leg by Holt, but refuses to give up the strongbox. He tells Cullen that Holt has been giving information to the bandits.

 Bill Tolfree holds a gun on Tom in the bandits' underground hideout.

 Tom returns the railroad's strongbox to Cullen.

 The couple are finally together, and Harry wishes them well.


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