Scenes from the movie

 Fear grips Dave, May and Bill as they see the wolf pack approach.

  Dave removes the cactus thorn from Lobo's paw.

  Dave, Bill and May are concerned that someone in town may recognized Lobo and try to kill him.

 Horton follows Dave into the desert with the intent of killing him and stealing his claim.

  The injured Dave writes a message on a canteen and tells Lobo to take it to May.

  Lobo attacks Horton.

  May gives the canteen to Horton not realizing there is a message from Dave written on it.

  Horton finds the injured Dave hiding in a cave and decides to finish him off.

  Horton abducts May.

  Dave and may together (Lobo and his mate, Nanette, are in the back of the boat).

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