Scenes from the Movie

 Max wonders why his "reflection" doesn't look exactly the way he thinks it should.

 Max and his fiancée, Betty, happily make plans for the day.

 Betty is angry with Max. "You've turned my mother's home into a dance hall."

 Betty gives the ring back.

 Muggers end up taking Max's luggage and wallet further complicating a day already filled with bad luck.

 Posing as the railroad station master.

 The station master holds a gun on Max. Although the station master doesn't know it, his daughter is on the other side of that door. To make matters worse, Max's hand is stuck with glue to the daughter's dress! Every time Max tugs to free himself, he rips the dress away more and more. What a predicament!

 Max taunts the policemen and dares them to come into the lions' cage.

 The policemen can't nab him, but the monkey, complete with policeman's cap, does!

 Max interrupts the marriage of Betty and his "supposed" best friend.

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