Scenes from the Movie

 Tired of his secluded lifestyle in Mantrap, Joe goes to Minneapolis for a visit and meets Alverna, who is a manicurist in a barbershop.

  Lawyer Ralph Prescott is tired of divorce cases and aggressive women, so he agrees to go on a camping trip with his friend, Woodbury. However, the trip frays the nerves of both men.

  Joe comes upon Prescott and Woodbury in the woods fighting and invites Prescott to come to stay with him and Alverna for awhile. Alverna jumps in Joe's lap and suggests they throw a "nasty" party for Prescott.

 "I'm glad you're here, Ralph. You'll be good company for Alvy -- better than these trappers."

  When some Indians try to break into the house one night, Alverna, pretends to be afraid and seeks comfort from Prescott.

  Alverna convinces Prescott to take her back to Minneapolis.

  Joe goes looking for them.

  Joe and Prescott discuss what to do about Alverna.

  Prescott returns to his law practice with a new outlook, especially toward the women.


  "Hang on to me, Joe. I'm slipping just a little."

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