Babe's little foster sister, Pigtails, is crying because the dogcatcher has taken her little dog, Herman.

 Babe may be good at baseball, but he's no help at all when the barber and his wife have a fight.

 Babe has dinner with him Mom, Pigtails, and the dog, Herman, before going to the big dance.

 The title reads, "Almira Worters thinks Babe is the handsomest man in town. Haverlock is a small town."

 When Doc Hedges gets after Babe for wading in the town lake, Babe throws Doc in the lake.

 Harry Knight threatens to quit the Haverlock team if Cyrus gives Babe a uniform. Babe tells Harry he'll be playing at the Polo Grounds while Harry is selling peanuts in the stands.

 Since Babe can't play for the Haverlock team, he accepts an offer to play for the visiting team.

 Harry tries to force Mildred to leave town with him.

 After two years, Babe returns to Haverlock a successful ballplayer bringing gifts to his Mom and Pigtails.

 Babe gives Mildred an engagment ring.

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