Scenes from the Movie

 The doctor checks Barbara's heartbeat. According to her father's will, she has been kept free from all germs for the entire 21 years of her life.

  When Barbara goes to the sanitarium on a secluded island that her family owns, she doesn't realize it is actually a base for rumrunners, and the so-called "doctor" she meets is the leader of the gang.

  Barbara and Thirsty McGulp trade "remedies." He tries her medicines and she tries his whiskey (of course, she thinks it's medicine!)

  Barbara still thinks Todd is a doctor, but he has something more in mind than her medical condition!

  Barbara doesn't know that Wallace Roberts is really a reporter working undercover in the rumrunners' gang. When hijackers attack the sanitarium, he helps her escape through a second story window while the fighting is going on.

  Their escape is cut short, though. Pulling a gun, Todd says, "I'll show you what I do to squealers!"

  Barbara has been keeping the gang from coming up the stairs by throwing kegs of whiskey and anything else she can find at them. She has now found a large bottle of chloroform and is about to toss it over the railing.

  Everyone has been rescued, and Barbara checks her heart one more time to make sure it's still beating.

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