Scenes from the Movie

 The bride waits for her groom to arrive.

 After crashing his honeymoon trailer during a wild bachelor party, Tom steals an ambulance to get to the wedding on time. Little does he realize there's a mentally disburbed woman in the ambulance who thinks he's her long lost lover.

 Betty refuses to marry Tom, Betty's father tells him never to see his daughter again, and Tom's own father disowns him. So, he decides to convert the trailer into a traveling diner to make a living.

 Betty, her father and mother, and several others are traveling to California for the big race when Mr. Brown's car gets stuck in the mud. Tom comes along and pulls him free although Mr. Brown says he wants no help.

 During a storm at the motor camp, the animals from a nearby circus escape and wreak havoc on the campers. Tom is treed by a bear.

 Having made up, Tom and Betty travel on to California.

 Mr. Brown wires ahead and has Tom arrested for kidnapping his daughter.

 When Mr. Brown learns his driver can't make the race, he goes to get Tom out of jail. Tom's father is also there to get him out of jail to race his car. The two fathers have a $50,000 bet with each other on who will win.

 Tom agrees to drive for Mr. Brown on the condition that, if he wins, Mr. Brown will give his consent for Tom and Betty to marry.

 Tom wins the race and the girl!

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