Scenes from the Movie

 The Black Pirate challenges the pirate captain to a swordfight.

 The Black Pirate holds the crew of the ship he captured single-handed at bay with two cannons.

 The Black Pirate tells the crew that the necklace identifies their captive as a princess and suggests they hold her and the ship for ransom.

 The villainous lieutenant thanks the Black Pirate for saving the Princess from being molested by one of the pirates . . . and saving her for him!

 The Black Pirate attempts to sneak the Princess off the ship at night.

 Forced to walk the plank.

 "Be comforted, lass. He lives."

 The Black Pirate leads his rescuers back to the pirate ship.

 A daring rescue and a swordfight with several of the pirates.

 The Governor thanks the Black Pirate, who turns out to be a Duke, for ridding the seas of "these cutthroats."

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